Reopening the Hangar

Created by sprngr

Howdy! We'll keep this brief. If you're new here, this is Hangar V - a collaborative plastic modeling blog run by a few hobbyists for fun and educational purposes. We want to share our experiences with the community so everyone can enjoy. We're not professional by any means, but honestly which one of us really is?

It's been a hot minute since we've posted anything, life catches up with us all. So, we took this opportunity to do some administrative tasks. The primary one was migrating ourselves from Squarespace to become fully self-hosted. Squarespace wasn't bad by any means, but a bit overkill in terms of what we took advantage of and costs for our wallet.

If you're new here, this is what it used to look like.

The other major change with the migration was making better use of screen real estate - more focus for you to read and easier to digest.

Technical stuff aside, we are trying out one more thing - opening up submissions from the community. We originally intended this to be chill and fill the void for all the information we wish we had starting out - and we're certain others feel the same. We want to give others a shot at writing what their plamo heart is burning to tell the world, especially those who want to write but not maintain a whole blog.

That's it. Read some stuff, reach out if you feel like it; we have plenty to share.

See you around!