Hangar V focuses on write ups and projects from other hobbyists. While we do not have any strict criteria for the articles, and are always looking for reader input, below is a list of the basic categories:

Blog - A general catch all for write ups about experiences or events that don't align to a particular project.

Tutorial - Tutorials and guides on anything from painting, conversions, advanced building techniques and beyond.

Reviews - We all love a good review of kits, figures, miniatures, etc; especially those that focus on more informative aspects like how it can impact the build and suggestions for possible modifications or fixes.

Builder Notes - Not quite a full article, but still valuable information and quick tips we can all make good use of.

WIP - Got a project in flight but plenty of notes? We'd love to hear it!

Completed - Like WIP, but you've already wrapped it up (sometimes this can be part of a longer series of WIPs). If you also wish to submit additional photos that don't fit into your article, there is a Project Gallery section available.

Have something that doesn't fit into any of these? Send it to us anyway and we can try to work something out, we want to give everyone the opportunity to share what they want with no pressure.

When writing, try to be as clear as possible:

  • Do not assume that the reader is familiar with the subject, we were all new once. 
  • Include an introductory paragraph that explains what you are writing about and why
  • Include a conclusion paragraph summarizing your article.
  • Include captions for any pictures you submit, along with where they fit in the article.

What to submit

  1. Written document (in Word format) containing the following information:
  • Name - include your real name, handle, or whatever you're comfortable with so that we can credit you properly.

  • Email - so we can contact you about your submission.

  • Social(s) - if you have an sort of social account where people can follow you, please include it so that we can include it in the credits section.

  • Blog - if you have a blog, we would like to be able to include it in the credits section.

  • Bio - a brief description about yourself to include as a byline.

  • Avatar - some sort of image for us to represent you; we can also just pull one from your socials if directed.

  • Category - so we know what type of article you have submitted (categories listed above), to help us organize and format submissions.

  • Article Name - include the name of your submitted article.

  1. High quality photos (in JPEG, PNG or TIFF format):
  • They should be well-lit, high-resolution images that show your models clearly.

  • File names should be clear, with names that correspond to the submitted captions.

  • If you have a preferred photo to use as the "Hero Image" let us know, otherwise we will work with what has been submitted.

When taking photographs of your piece, they need to be of a standard suitable for publishing – we are looking for well-lit, high-resolution images that show your models clearly. Meaning minimal obstructions, clearly indicated in the shot, using some sort of plain background if necessary. We're not professionals, so photos on the bench are more than acceptable as long as the background isn't too busy and your work doesn't get lost.

Additional notes:

  • You understand there will be no compensation for your submission. We will never make use of your work in any capacity for commercial purposes and intend to keep Hangar V and all information provided free for the public.

  • You remain the owner of your IP. Hangar V does not own your article, pictures, or anything but we can use them in any way we see fit in relation to the blog and its promotion. Hangar V is and will remain a non-commercial venture.

  • We do not allow or condone IP theft, nor do we allow hate speech for any reason.

  • We are looking for articles from passionate individuals, not company accounts. If you are a company and want to work with us, you can reach out to us at

  • Hangar V is free to edit the article as needed, with the intent of making the article fit in terms of grammar and page layout. We will attempt to inform the writer of any edit and we will strive to keep the spirit of the article intact.

If, after reading this, you think you have something that might be suitable (or not, we're open to discuss) do not hesitate to reach us at:

The contents of this page lovingly based off of the 28 Mag Submissions page, we recommend checking them out if you're into tabletop gaming.