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Marvelous Museum No 2 - Mechanical Trypoxylus

Came for the cool box art, stayed for the solid build.

Super Soaker Sherman - A Cerulean Project 3 Build

Last year I got to be part of Cerulean Project 3 - here is the story about my Super Soaker Sherman

HG Guntank (Project V)

The 3rd and final part of sprngr’s HG Guntank project.

MG Wing Zero Custom ver. Ka "Nyx"

I got really in to Supergiant Games’ Hades last year, right when Bandai released the excellent “ver. Ka” update to the Wing Zero Custom.

MG Unicorn Gundam (OVA ver.)

The Wildberry Unicorn is complete!

HG Barbatos F1 Kitbash

This is a build breakdown for sprngr’s HG Gundam Barbatos kitbash.